Fran Given Photography Norwich


How I Started...


I guess it all started when I won a competition in the Mother and Baby magazine, best photo of Dad and baby, thats what really spurred me on to keep taking photos!


Then a move to France meant I was taking photos of our ever growing family - when we left the UK we were a family of six, when we returned we were a family of eight! Giving birth to two babies in France meant I was taking a LOT of photos to send back to the UK - it's then that I realised just how important photos are, not just the ones that you get dressed up for but the every day ones too! 


I'm fully insured and a member of The Guild of Photographers, who have awarded me with several bronze awards a silver award and they chose one of my images to be on the front cover of their digital magazine.


If you'd like to know more about a session then feel free to email me via the contact me form.